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How to make your computer desk (DIY Murphy Computer Desk)?

You can have your desk for multi-purposing. Murphy style desk is a desk that doubles a computer desk. This desk is an incredible space management and optimization idea. The desk offers a unique look and is quite efficient even for tool storage.

The best tool for painting your house: Purdy Power Lock extension poles and 18-inch rollers. This tool is quite useful, especially for amateur painters. It works double the nine inches roller. The best part is you do not need a ladder. With your feet on the ground, you are safe from a fall that could happen from a ladder. You are also faster.

How to clean your windows cheap (Vinegar Solution)?

Vinegar is nature’s wonder product. First it is antibacterial, and secondly, vinegar is non-toxic. Vinegar kills germs safely and is quite magical to any surface that it touches thus even your windows. It has no side effects also while ingested.

Vinegar has an acidic component that is quick to break down that film that accumulates on window surfaces. Window cleaning with the use of vinegar has an incredible result. It’s not just sparkling clean but also free of streaks.


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Recipes for Vinegar Window Washing Solution

Use the ratio of 1:1 to mix water and vinegar.
Washing: You can either sponge clean or squeegee clean.
1. For the sponge: Dampen the window with the solution, then clean.
2. Squeegee: After soaking wet the squeegee, wash from top to bottom as you wipe the squeegee upon each stroke.
3. Immediately rinse and dry the window frames.
It is advisable to clean with no direct sunlight on the window.