2019 Wellness Travel Trends

Globally, there has been an annual increase in the number of wellness tourists. It is currently estimated at 6.5%. Many have come to embrace the idea of traveling for their wellness. This is evident from grief retreats, wellness mumcations, transformative travel, etc.

In 2019, things are suspected to be bigger and better as this idea is selling very well globally. From the young to the old, people are engaging in tourism, not for the touring benefit alone, but to try and learn something new or move on from a situation.more info here on the wellness trends in 2019;

2019 Wellness Travel Trends.

1.Preventative wellness.

It is right to say that people may seem healthy, but deep down they indulge in one or two activities that endanger human life. Activities such as smoking, eating junks, alcohol that are life-shortening.


Being that cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are among the major killers in the world; preventative wellness travels hands you the opportunity to get out from that peer pressure world and giving you the skills and tools you need to stay away from these bad behavior and activities.

In 2019, you can visit Grand Resort Bad Ragaz or SHA Wellness Clinic Anti-tobacco among many others.

2.Divorce retreats.

A divorce is an event no couple imagines going through. This is because of the trauma that comes with it. The stress and anxiety that follows. Forgetting someone that was your confidant is not that easy. Due to this, in 2019, you can plan for a wellness holiday.

The divorce retreats help you to manage the stress, give you life coaching and emotional healing through therapies. Some of the divorce retreats you can visit are Marbella club Amanda Hamilton Well-being Retreat and Amanpuri Awareness.

3.Tough and Transformative wellness.

Are feeling unmotivated or abnormally lazy? You need to get back on track. Traveling to indulge in activities such as kayaking, abseiling and mountain trekking can help you get back on track.


They are meant to help self-improvement. The activities also help you relax, and when you are back to normal activities, you handle them with a relaxed mind. An example of a place to visit in 2019 for transformative wellness is COMO Shambhala Estate Fitness.

The above are some of the 2019 wellness trends you should try and engage in according to your situation. Do not die emotionally or get depressed, tour places this year with a different perspective.