5 Basic Rules To Lead A Fulfilling Life

To a great degree, fulfilling life is a combination of factors. It is a state that fluctuates depending on the day and what is going on, but yet one where you feel satisfied, a life that at the end of the day you are proud of the following 5 Basic Rules to Lead A fulfilling life.

1- Focus on what matters; does that really matter, really? Focus on what matters the most your connection with your higher self; your relationships with your loved ones, your self-care.

2- Don’t sweat the small stuff. The rule of thumb that helps me put things in perspective is asking myself whether that issue that is bothering me will still be important a year down the road. If the answer is no, let it go.


3- Show love. Live every day as if it is the last one. You are fully engaged. Show your love, do things right and live fully.

4- Share your talents, wisdom and time with others. If you have been gifted with any type of resources, put them to work not only for you but for others. Engage in charitable work. Find a cause and make a commitment to it.

5- Stay connected to your life purpose and dreams. Make a point to discover what you are meant to be and let that be your compass to a rewarding life.

There are many ways to live a rewarding life. How about you make it your goal this time of the year to discover and reconnect? Life will go on, and in the hustle and bustle of the season, it is easy to get away from the very things that represent your essence and who you really are. Many people I talk to refer to avoid, or to something missing although, by most accounts, they are happy and accomplished. The point today is that a gratifying life is more than a moment or an event and it certainly goes beyond one dimension of life.