5 Non-verbal Ways To Nail A Job Interview

Jobs aren’t easy to find, especially if there are more applicants than vacant positions. Because of this, hiring managers will also be doing their best to hire the best possible candidate. During the hiring process, interviews are conducted to determine whether you’re qualified and whether you can solve problems in your potential job.

To nail an interview, what you need to know is that your non-verbal communication is as important as your verbal communication. How you look and behave non-verbally are vital.

Since you may already be aware of verbal communication in an interview, we’re going to look at non-verbal ways to nail it.

Be Clean and Dress For Success


This is one of the most important things to always keep in mind. Remember, the hiring manager’s first impression of you can determine the interview’s outcome. For better results, Ensure that you’re clean – no foul odors, no dirty hands, and no shaggy hair. If you have an interview in a week, plan what you’ll wear well in advance. This way, you will look good without any stress. Also, ensure that you leave for the interview location early. This way, you won’t have to rush and sweat.

A Firm Handshake is a Must

When you arrive for the interview, the first thing you’ll do is greet your interviewers. Your handshake should be firm to showcase your confidence. However, it should be too strong to cause pain.

Also, avoid a bad handshake like the limp-wristed one. Your shake should be formal, and it should show confidence. You can see this for more information.

Good Body Posture

The interviewer is closely watching you and how you position yourself can a determinant in the results. Therefore, don’t slouch or lean back as they can make you look distracted and unengaged. A straight posture shows that you’re paying attention and are enthusiastic, not bored. Even though having a straight body posture may be hard throughout the interview, try as much to maintain it.

Be a Good Listener


If you can listen throughout the interview, the interviewer will see that you can take instructions. Therefore, nod as they talk, smile, and sometimes even laugh to show that you’re engaged in that conversation. If you keep checking your phone and appear disinterested, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the job.

Be Confident and Maintain Eye Contact

Don’t be overly nervous. Signs of lacking confidence are cracking your knuckles, shaking your legs, tapping your feet, scratching your head, and chewing your lip. Even if you’re nervous, stay still and try to show that you’re confident. Also, try to maintain regular eye contact both when you’re listening and talking. It shows that you’re paying attention.

These are some of the non-verbal ways to nail an interview. Remember to be punctual and respect the interviewer’s personal space.