9 Time-Saving Tips When Moving Into a New Home

Did you just find a wonderful new place to live? Congratulations, there is a whole new life ahead of you. However, as much as this period might be exciting, it’s also very stressful, especially when you consider moving. So, if you hate wasting full days and days on moving, here are some time-saving tips that will help you relocate in a jiffy. 

Make a good schedule

It’s best to start planning and executing your move as soon as possible. For most people, starting 60 days before your final moving day is the best strategy out there. You can easily handle small tasks at the beginning and finish with big tasks like moving furniture and all the boxes. These small items on your moving list might seem trivial now, but time will be scarce during the days right before the move, so handle them in advance. 

Stock up on supplies

One of the worst things that can happen during your packing process is running out of boxes or tape, so stock up on supplies. Make sure you have plenty of boxes, wrap, paper, tape, labels, marker and box cutters. If you want to be eco-friendly during your move, grab the things you already have at hand like suitcases and plastic containers and use towels, pillows and scarves as cushioning for your fragile things. 

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Pack like a boss

Coming up with a fool-proof packing system will save you a ton of time. Grab some different-colored markers and color code your boxes so each ends up in the right room when you get to your new location. Map out your floor plan with each room labeled with one color and have it at hand during packing and moving. 

Hire good movers

There will always be companies offering too-good-to-be-true rates—ignore them! Hiring unreliable movers will cost you a lot of time and money in the end when your belongings get damaged or lost. Check every company for good reviews and you’ll certainly save a lot of time and trouble for everyone involved in your move. 

Leave some things behind

If you’re not 100% in love with an item or furniture piece, leave them behind. If you know your carpet won’t fit into your new home, don’t even bother packing it. Instead, order new and more fitting rugs from Miss Amara online and get them delivered straight to your address. This way, you’ll not only end up saving time on packing and moving but also end up with a gorgeous, clean and fresh home! 

Use garbage bags for clothing

While clothes are best packed and transported in specialized boxes for wardrobe, these can be tricky to pack and get by. Instead, if you want to save time and space in your moving van or truck, grab some clean garbage bags and get ready to pack all your clothes. This technique is very practical for shirts and jackets since you can just shimmy your hangers inside, tie the bag and unpack it at your location. It’s easy, fast and practical. 

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Prevent plates and glasses damage

China and glassware are your most fragile household items that usually get damaged in the move, especially if you’re moving long-distance. So, try this time-saving packing trick: grab a stack of paper plates and place one between every two plates for extra padding. You can also buy cardboard dividers for your boxes to safely transport glasses and cups. 

Take photos of wiring

This one will save you a lot of time and nerve. Before you unplug your TV, computer or any other electronic device, snap a few photos of the wiring. When you arrive and start to re-connect your electronics, you’ll have your photos to use as reference and get the job done in only a few minutes. 

Pack a survival box

It’s tempting to just throw everything from the bathroom into one pile of boxes and everything from the bedroom into another. However, unless you’re planning to unpack everything as soon as you arrive in your new uptown Minneapolis apartment, you’ll waste a lot of time digging through boxes for toiletries, pajamas and snacks. So, write a list of necessities and pack them into one survival box.

If you want a breezy relocation, make sure to remember these planning, packing and moving tips. With these in mind, you’ll not only save a lot of time but also spare yourself a headache or a two!