Best Easy to Grow Garden Plants

Easy to Grow Garden Plants: We all know that garden plants can be very beneficial to your health as well as the environment. This is because they are full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This means that they are good for you and also improve the environment. We are all aware that when we eat fruits and vegetables we help to reduce our carbon footprint, which has an adverse effect on the environment. Garden plants are very easy to grow and can offer many benefits to both you and the environment, therefore they should be planted and grown by everyone.

How to Choose the Best Easy to Grow Garden Plants?

The best garden plants easy to grow are those that have a hardier root system and a sturdy structure that makes it difficult for weeds to root or shoot up. Easy growing vegetables are generally tall plants such as spinach, carrots, cauliflower, and tomatoes. Taller garden plants are generally more durable and harder to damage. It is also advisable to plant vegetables that can tolerate a range of temperatures and diseases. Easy gardening plants are best for families with children as it is very tiring work to tend to these plants, especially if you have a vegetable patch that consists of a small yard area or you want to improve your curb appeal.

Potted Vegetables

Potted garden plants provide many benefits to families. If you don’t want to garden plants that need to be weeded, planted, and cuttings removed then potted gardening plants are ideal. You won’t have to carry the pots around and they provide protection against birds and other pests. Potted plants are very easy to maintain, cost-effective and they add color to any garden space.


Cucumbers are extremely hardy plants that are very suited to urban gardens. They are very low maintenance and very tolerant of low temperatures. The best-grown cucumbers come in green, red, and white varieties. There are some cultivars with fruit that come in late summer and early autumn, the best ones are the round ones. The best-grown cucumbers are harvested at about a half of a centimeter per month. Cucumbers are quite versatile and the best part is that they don’t really require any special handling, they just reach out into the garden to enjoy the sunshine.

easy to grow garden plants


This is an extremely hardy and popular ornamental grass, it is also very good for producing stunning flowers. The attractive variegated leaves make this a great ornamental grass for both outside and indoor gardens. It is very easy to grow your own Lemongrass because it is drought-resistant, so you will be able to keep it growing year after year if you follow the correct conditions. The flowering plants are easy to grow your 1 x indoors, all you need is a sunny position in the garden to ensure it gets sufficient sunlight.

Mint Herb Seeds

You can grow mint herb seeds in a traditional garden by scattering them around in containers or pots. These seeds will germinate in less than 24 hours and then begin to grow. Once they have sprouted you can easily move them to the position on the bed, you want them to be planted in. This is a very hardy plant and very popular in many English gardens, it is a cheap inexpensive plant to grow your own herbs from, and you can take it apart to freeze and dry it whenever you wish.


These are one of the most popular and easy to grow herb plants in any type of garden. If you place them in a container they will easily take root and within a few weeks, they will be producing little delectable berries. Within a couple of months, they will have sprouted and will be ready to start producing new shoots. They are very hardy plants and quite resistant to common pests and diseases.


When choosing your herb seeds you need to do some research to find out which varieties are best suited for you. The best time to harvest them is in late winter or early spring, and after that, you can simply clip the flowering stems off and store them in sealed containers for later use. It is also recommended that you buy your seeds from a reputable supplier. These suppliers have proven their business and will always give you the best quality products.