Guide To How To Make Family Holidays Fun

A family holiday should be a relaxing and fun break from your everyday life. However, it comes with a lot of baggage and given that it’s the only time you and your loved ones expect to get a great time to bond, the pressure is huge. The anticipation of a family holiday should be exciting and create beautiful memories that all of you can remember many years to come.

Be ready to enjoy quality time together by planning your travel, activities, and accommodation ahead in time and here is a guide on how you can make your family holiday fun.

Decide why you want to travel

Different people travel for different reasons and as a family, you should prepare adequately and know why you are leaving home in the first place as this will make easy to choose a destination.

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Determine whether your goal is to have new adventures, relax and unwind away from home, provide your kids with lifelong memories, or see ancient or famous sights. Decide in one accord to ensure that whatever your goals are, they will be accommodative to all of you.

Discuss possible destinations

After deciding why you want to travel, it becomes easier to choose a destination. Keeping in mind that you won’t be travelling alone, let your fellow travelers take part in discussing possible destinations.

Over the course of a few weeks or months, make it a fun activity by spending quality time talking about different places and why it would be a good destination. Weigh your options and decide a common destination that will accommodate your goals.

Offer different options for different family members

It’s important to have a clear understanding that every family member has their own unique personality, style, and behavior. If you want all of them to enjoy the holiday, give them different activities to choose from depending on what they like so that they may feel involved.


If you’ll be visiting a national park, for instance, offer several options of what all of you can do in the afternoon., that is have Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. The activities may not necessarily be outdoors but something all of you can feel they contributed. Also, think of different activities that your spouse, children, sibling or any other family member enjoyed in the past and make sure you do it during your holiday.

Split up activities by interest and personality

If you realize that you’re getting upset with what your family members are doing, you do not have any reason to give up your happiness as you can separate activities from time to time and do what you can enjoy.

For instance, if you are having quality time at a winter lodge and realize that your spouse and teen want to go skiing but you want to sit by the fire and read a book, just split up and meet up later. That way, everyone will enjoy what they like doing and later meet up to continue with family bonding.

Have screen-free times

We are in the 21st century where people are spending hours glued to their tablets, smartphones, or computers watching their favorite TV shows or playing games.


Well, that’s not bad at all but if you want your holiday to be memorable, stay away from screens and use this opportunity to connect with your loved one in a special way that you normally don’t. Also, try as much as possible to forget about work, school or any other thing that’s going on in your hometown and focus on the holiday and how to make it more interesting.

Bottom line

In the world we are living in today, everyone is working hard day and night to make ends meet hence limited time to bond and joke around. Well, we must work hard to have a better tomorrow but we shouldn’t forget about our families. If you have time, you can go on holiday with your family to unwind and if you don’t know how to make it fun, this guide will get you started.