Here’s How To Organize A Messy Storage Room

If you have ever been charged with looking after a messy storage room, you will know how much it can wreak havoc on even the most organized person. So how to organize a messy storage area? Well, we could look at certain examples and decide how best to organize such a room. But in the real world, where things get messy all the time, there are certain steps that you can take to make the task a lot simpler.

Categorize items into smaller bundles

If you have things such as books and clothes strewn across your garage or on your living room sofa, you may want to consider categorizing these items into smaller bundles. This will make finding what you are looking for a whole lot easier. You will have more space to move around when you need to and improve the functionality of your home. For instance, if you have a pile of boxes on the floor and you want to put clothes into those, you might want to use a storage system in order to make it easier for you.

messy storage room

Use shelving

You could also use shelving to organize your things. Shelving is a great way of storing things because not only do you use it for clothes but you can also store other small items as well. If you already have a shelving system in place in your home, you can simply move the shelves to a new location in order to help you organize things further. Alternatively, you could install shelving in new locations in order to help you categorize your items properly. For instance, you might want to put shelves near your cupboards so that all your cooking utensils can be easily found.

Keep everything in its place

As mentioned, one of the most important things to remember when you want to know how to organize a messy storage room is to keep everything in its place. In other words, don’t drag anything onto the floor. This will mean that your entire room will look messy. Ideally, it should be one whole floor level. If it is not, then you should either move everything to its proper place or you should buy some shelves to hold everything.

Clean everything before storing it away

When you are looking at ways on how to organize your home and a messy storage room, you should also make sure that you clean everything before storing it away. After all, who wants to be tidied up after they have just gotten a load of laundry done. If you have the space, you should have a centralized waste bin where you can sort out the different recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, and glass. This would help you avoid the problem of recycling, which is becoming quite popular in today’s environmentally conscious society.

messy storage room

Make a plan

How to organize a messy storage room doesn’t have to be an issue if you have good planning skills. First of all, think of what you want to store, mark it on a sheet of paper and draw a map to help you mark your spot. Marking the spot where you will place your storage device will allow you to keep track of where you have placed each one. Then, organize the things you will be putting into your storage device in an organized manner. For example, keep jewelry in its own special box and keep bathroom cleaning supplies and other items in a clear jar.

After planning, the real test is how to organize a messy storage room. Once you have marked where each item will go, remove all of them from their storage container. You may find it easier to just use boxes or bags for certain items and leave the rest to be put into their proper storage bins. Once you have sorted your items, make sure that you wash or wipe the surfaces of the containers so that nothing will get stuck between the crevices. Wipe it down completely, and then put it back into the container.

Parting words

So, how to organize a messy storage area is actually just that easy. Don’t worry about how your storage looks at this point. Just start with a plan and follow it. You will be amazed at how much better your storage room will look in no time at all. You can find lots of tips for how to organize a messy storage room over the internet or by talking to others who have gone through the same process.