How Can I Make My Garden Look Bigger

Everybody dreams of an English estate with gardens, groves and ponds. However, the reality is that with eighty per cent of us living in urban areas, most of us have a small garden. But although the human brain is nothing short than wonderful, it can be tricked.

You can make your garden appear much larger than they are in reality by using some gardening techniques that change our perception. Here is a look at how you can make your garden look bigger.

Use Colors on the Entry

Putting bright colours near the garden entry will draw attention there, making the rest of the space to retrocede. Warm colors such as yellow, orange and red cause excitement to the brain and you should use them in garden areas that you want people to focus on. On the other hand, cool colors such as blue, purple and pink blend with greeneries hence should be used on borders and fences towards the outer yard edges.

Place Pavers and Deckling Diagonally

Diagonal paths give an impression of the space being bigger than it actually is. Allow the pavers to cut through the garden diagonally rather than using the shorter and straight walkway.

Laying pavers and decking will help elongate the space. You can also try to decrease the walkway width as it progresses toward the back of the garden to make it seem more distant than it is.

Design Levels

Creating levels to the yard brings depth by interrupting the small garden space. Making levels means a creating a sunken patio, slightly elevated, raised planter, large or container garden. this website provides more details on how to create levels.

Use Mirrors

Using mirrors is one of the incredible and super simple ways of making your garden look bigger. The mirrors give a reflection of the plants making the garden to look like double its size. Visitors can even think that there is another route to a different part of the garden. Placing the mirror on an angle that reflects more plants is ideal.

Divide Up the Space

Dividing up the garden space helps to break up the line of vision and instantly makes the edges garden look more prominent. Just add a border to your lawn even if it’s just a lemon plant tree.


These tips will help you to make your garden look more prominent. It’s now down to you to apply them in your garden to see how effective they are.