How Do I Keep My Laundry Room Clean

Your chief concern in your laundry room is cleaning your clothes, hanging, and leaving them to dry without cleaning the room itself. However, it is prudent to keep your laundry room free of dirt and germs just as you do with your clothes. How do you clean your laundry room?

Tips for cleaning your laundry room

1. Use a clean wet cloth to wipe the shelves with clean water. Detergent and soap residues often leave the surface sticky; this can offer an adherence surface for lint and dust

2. Maybe once or twice in a year, remove all the washing equipment from the laundry room and give it a thorough cleaning by scrubbing the floor and walls with soap and clean water and let them dry for several days.

Laundry room clean

3. Do not forget to mop and sweep the floor after every washing session. This is to prevent dirt and spilled water from accumulating over time.

4. To clean your washing machine, mix 2 cups of water with 3 cups of vinegar and run the mixture in our machine with a load. It is an effective way of ensuring your machine remains fresh and clean. Do you want the comprehensive process of cleaning your washing machine? check it out

5. Keep the surfaces of your dryer and washer shiny by thoroughly wiping them with a glass cleaner

6. Organize your laundry room in such a way that unwanted things removed from clothes and soap leftovers are kept in a special container waiting for dumping into the external dustbin.

7. Resist the urge to make the laundry room your other wardrobe by storing clothes and other laundries in it. Keep the purpose of the room – cleaning and drying your clothes.


8. Segregate your laundry to avoid chaos and making your laundry room look disorganized.

9. Do not store your soaps on the floor. Consider adding more shelves to provide space for storing such items.

10. Avoid hanging your clothes in the laundry room without wrinkling. This can save you the labor of having to mop the room all the time.