How Much Drinking Makes You An Alcoholic?

It is normal for some adults to enjoy alcoholic drinks once in a while. But how much drinking makes you an alcoholic? This is a question that most people ask when trying to find out if they are at a worrisome point. There are millions of people out there who much drink some wine, a beer or spirits daily. They do this without becoming alcoholics. However, this does not mean daily drinking is good for their health.

How Much Alcohol Is Considered A Low Risk?

Men- Four or Less Drinks In a Day

The amount of alcohol one can take in a day is determined by their gender. For men, four or less standard drinks in a day is low alcohol consumption. However, they should not exceed 14 drinks per week.


If you want to remain a moderate drinker and avoid becoming an alcoholic, you must stay within the weekly guideline. Taking four drinks a day will be 28 in a week and it is double of what is recommended. Strive to obey both daily and weekly requirements so that you don’t end up an alcoholic.

Women- Three or Less Drinks In a Day

According to research, women are less likely to become alcoholics compared to men. A woman should take not more three standard drinks in a day and they should exceed seven in a week.

To remain with the low-risk margin, a woman should observe the weekly standards. Two drinks in a day are more than what is recommended in seven days meaning may be one drink per day would do for a woman.

What Does Being Low-Risk Mean?

Being a low-risk drinker does not mean that you have no risk. It also depends on your age or health status. Some people should not drink at all; even the recommended amount of alcohol according to their gender can harm their health. Below are some situations whereby you should not drink at all:

• If you in charge of operating or driving heavy equipment.
• You are expectant or planning to have a baby.
• You have a medical condition such as hepatitis C, chronic pain or liver cirrhosis. Others include mental disorders including bipolar and also heart disease patients should not have alcoholic drinks.
• If you under medication, which interacts with alcohol negatively.

Are You An Alcoholic?


So, are you an alcoholic? There is no numerical or logic response to this question. You may wonder if it is okay to stick to the recommended amount per day or week and whether that can make you are an alcoholic. What you need to do is delve deeper within you and answer the following questions. If after answering these questions you find that you’re an alcoholic, you can join an alcohol addiction rehab and start your journey to being sober.

• Are you always thinking or planning your next drink?
• Are you always compelled to take alcohol?
• Do you feel need to stop drinking, but cannot control yourself?
• Do you choose to forego your other hobbies just to have ample time to drink?
• Do you drink more and more alcohol to get the effect of alcohol that you once had after taking a few drinks?

These are questions you can answer yourself honestly. They will help you recognize how much you depend on alcohol and decide whether you are an alcoholic or not. However, if taking alcohol causes you emotional, physical and mental distress for you, it means a drink is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity, and you can comfortably label yourself as an alcoholic.