How to Design an Eclectic Kitchen

Eclectic style may be the most difficult one to explain and accomplish, but it’s certainly one of the most interesting styles there are. There are no strict rules, which complicates the whole issue a bit. It can be said to represent some sort of harmonious chaos. You don’t need to pay attention to the usual combinations. Anything goes, but only if it really does go. It’s hard to distinguish between creative chaos and a regular mess. Eclectic style is still not widespread, but it’s currently expanding in Australia. People are thrilled by the idea that they’re allowed to combine styles, colours, patterns, antiques and modern, all at the same time. However, it takes a very good eye to decisively know where to draw the line and what the difference between unconventional and appalling is.

Bold colour choices

Eclectic can be anything but ordinary. This is why you should feel free to experiment, not just with one or two, but a whole bunch of colours. You can paint each kitchen cabinet a different colour with a white or a black wall and you’ll get a totally silly, but joyous kitchen atmosphere. Your curtains and tablecloths can also be experimented with, colour wise. Of course, make sure not to go overboard and know how much is too much. Basically, if you want a clash of colours, you should refrain from patterns, and if you prefer patterns, you can take several and mix them up, as well.


The great thing about this style is the fact that you don’t need to hide your things. On the contrary, your mugs, glasses, pans and pots and all kitchen utensils can also have a decorative purpose. This is why lovely transparent kitchens in Sydney are making a grand entrance. People put coverless cupboards and shelves in their kitchens on purpose and lay all their things in plain sight and it’s amazing. Not only is it practical, but it also gives you a chance to show off your favourite mugs or sets of plates. It gives a special homey flavour to your kitchen and makes it much warmer and welcoming.

Creative organization

Generally, kitchens shouldn’t be too big and they should be functional. Moreover, they’re intentionally made smaller in order to save space for a living room or any other room that needs it more. However, that raises the question of functionality and this is where an eclectic view can be very useful. For instance, you can hang all your pans, pot covers and other kitchen tools on one of the walls. You can also have a magnet strip on a wall and place all your knives and other cutlery. It’s a great space saver that gives your small kitchen a lot of functionality.


The most amazing perk of eclecticism is freedom. There are no rules. You can post photos of you and your family doing silly posing and hang them in the kitchen. Some people like to have a theme for their room, so you can have a specific one for the kitchen. It can be music, movies, nature or it can be completely out of the ordinary, any way you want it to be. You should avoid cliché and a generic interior. Anything else goes.

From what you’ve learned so far, there’s a chance you already have an eclectic kitchen, without even knowing it. If not, consider redecorating. Say goodbye to boring designs and feel free to experiment and do something completely new and different. It’s bound to give you motivation to do other things, as well. Plus, if you find that you fancy the style, you can spread it onto your entire home.