Spruce Up Your Kitchen: Tips and Tricks

Remember when your kitchen was brand new? Everything in it had its place and it was organized so that you could easily reach whatever you needed while you were cooking, baking or making your breakfast smoothie. However, you’ve bought some new stuff since then, and a lot of it. Now, everything seems piled up and cluttered and you get a headache whenever you have some serious cooking to do. You want things to be as neat and tidy as they were in the beginning, but you have no idea where to start and how to do it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. Here are some smart tips and tricks for a perfectly spruced up kitchen.

Find the best place your dishes

If you truly want a kitchen that’s functional and well organized, this is where you need to start, since you can’t really achieve anything if each of your dishes doesn’t have a place of its own. First, if you have a collection of pots, there’s a high chance that some of them can fit into one another, which could save a lot of space. As far as the pot covers are concerned, they can either be placed into a drawer, or you can get a rack for them. If you lack space, a kitchen pegboard could be the solution to your problem. You can put one up on the wall, or on the inside of one of your lower cabinet doors, and you can use them to hang various kitchen utensils, from wooden spoons and cutting boards to pots and pans. Similarly, a well-placed magnetic board could be a great place to store your knives, but also ladles, whiskers and even spice jars with magnetic covers. Finally, some floating shelves or practical kitchen racks can give you back some of your precious countertop space, so consider those, too.


Get your appliances in order

Another thing that could be slowing you down in the kitchen are your appliances. Many people buy some of the smaller ones with the intention of using them all the time, and then they actually use them once and twice before stocking them on a pile of similar ones, none of which are likely to be used again. You really need to get rid of those, by either selling them online or giving them to somebody who actually needs them. Another problem are the outdated and broken appliances, which you’ve been meaning to fix or replace, but you never seem to have time or money for it. This can’t be your excuse any more. For instance, you can find affordable genuine Fisher and Paykel spare parts online and have them delivered to your front door, meaning that you don’t really have to waste time or too much money to get quality spare parts and breathe life back into your fridge. When all your appliances are accounted for and fully functional, and the ones you don’t need are gone, your kitchen will instantly look better.

Refresh your cabinets

Replacing a kitchen is a huge investment and usually one that needs to be planned well ahead. However, there are some smart and inexpensive ways to make your kitchen look brand new. One of them is painting your cabinets. You can even paint one or two cabinet doors in chalk paint, so that you can leave cute messages to your family members or write your weekly dinner menu. Also, replacing the handles on your cabinet doors is a quick way to update your kitchen for next to nothing. Furthermore, you can transform your countertop by painting it to look like expensive granite. You can even add some under-cabinet lights. These are budget-friendly, but also ridiculously easy to install, since some of them can be mounted with adhesive tape. They will allow you to see better while preparing meals, while improving the overall appearance of your kitchen by adding some ambience to it. 


It’s really not that difficult, time-consuming or expensive to update your kitchen. All it takes is some good will and smart tips. So, follow the ones from this article and your kitchen will be spruced up before you know it.