Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

When it comes to figuring out storage in small spaces, you need to think big. Chances are, there’s a lot of wasted space in your home that you could be using more effectively. 

From teensy bathrooms to tiny kitchens, decluttering can only take you so far. Here are some fantastic storage ideas for small spaces to make your home feel cozy rather than cluttered.

Custom Cabinets

The cabinets in your home offer the most potential for optimizing your storage space. When you are choosing a cabinet style, look at the listing of it to see what customization options are available. 

For example, having cabinets with rolling shelves can increase your functional storage space. You can optimize the gaps between the fridge or stove and cabinets to install a pull-out tray for spice storage. Use the area underneath cabinets for drawers that are ideal for pots and pans. Additionally, replace false drawers under the sink with a flip-out compartment that’s ideal for sponges or paper towels.

Using every inch of available space can make a small kitchen or bathroom clean and free of clutter.

Optimize Your Closets

A small closet doesn’t have to feel small and cramped. There are plenty of organization hacks you can use to make your tiny closet feel like a walk-in.

Start by looking at the rod situation in the closet. You can use tension rods from the bathroom aisle of the department store to add more hanging space. Add a few lower rods for a makeshift shoe rack that will keep your closet floor clean and free of debris.

Get creative with your hangers, using chains or pop can tabs to hang multiple items from one convenient hanger. While you’re in the bathroom aisle, don’t forget to pick up some cheap shower curtain rings to hang scarves and jewelry. 

The space above your closet door is ideal for hooks and baskets to store purses, luggage, and hats.

Use Trundles Under the Bed

What good is the space under your bed if it’s not being used? Create trundle drawers or use flat totes to store seasonal clothing or spare linens for when guests come to visit.

Add Shelving and Hooks to Doors

The backs of doors are another wasted space that you could be using for storage. In the kitchen, add small shelves and hooks to doors so that you can store spices and utensils. In the bathroom, you can use these for storing toiletries or hair tools.

If you don’t want to add a permanent fixture to the door, you can also use shoe pouches. Shoe bags are affordable and versatile. You can use them in the office for supplies, the bathroom for toiletries, and even the utility closet for organizing your cleaning supplies. 

Install Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips are great for storage in small rooms. In the bathroom, they can be used to keep tweezers, bobby pins, and nail clippers organized. In the kitchen, you can use magnetic strips or paint to store spices or to replace a traditional knife rack.

Magnetic strips are also fantastic for organizing kids’ rooms, creating a space for things like toy cars. These miracle space-savers also work well in sheds and garages to keep tools organized.

Use the Space Under the Stairs

The space under a staircase is often under-utilized. While it may be home to the water heater or something, there’s usually a lot of unused real estate that could be optimized for storage. 

If the room is limited under the stairs, use the space between stair treads to install drawers. These convenient drawers are perfect for seasonal wear and things like life jackets, skates, and other items that get used infrequently. 

With the tiny home trend on the rise and people becoming more interested in leading a minimalist lifestyle, knowing how to capitalize on the space you have is a skill set. Get creative, declutter, and create a tidy, efficient home that you’ll love.