The Best Places To Live In Tennessee

What comes first to your mind when someone mentions Tennessee? Is it honky-tonk, cowboy boots, or the birthplace of Elvis Presley?

Located in the southern regions of the U.S., in the last couple of years, Tennessee has been considered as one of the best places to live and start a family.

Additionally, stunning scenery, rich cultural heritage, low living costs, and plenty of moving companies in Nashville only increased the appeal of this beautiful state. Now, we dug around a bit to figure out where exactly you should call home in Tennessee.

Stay tuned because the following cities will blow your mind!


With a population of 40,000, Brentwood is one of the most beloved cities in Tennessee. named Brentwood as the #1 place to live in 2017, which might be one of the good reasons to move here. Its renowned and spectacular suburb is famous for the beautiful landscape and rolling hills.


If you know some of the athletes or music starts who call Tennessee their home, then there is a big chance they live here. On the other hand, Brentwood High School has an impeccable graduation rate of 96%, while this city owns 13 parks that feature more than 400 acres of open fields, with plenty of trails great for outdoor activities.


Next on our list is Franklin, a city stationed in Williamson Country, and home to more than 68.000 residents. Compared to Brentwood,

Franklin has lower living costs, which directly affects the real estate market, making properties more affordable.

This area has a lot of reputable and highly-achieving high schools, which creates plenty of opportunities for young individuals. The downtown of Franklin offers you an insight into American history, mostly linked to the Civil War.
You should know that the highest number of eateries is concentrated in Franklin, with over 200 establishments scattered across the city.


According to numerous reviews, Germantown should be the first place you look into if you are planning to move to Tennessee. With the population below 40.000, this town might be a great place to raise a family and get away from city jams.


The living costs are low, while housing is affordable. However, fun fact, Germantown has the highest income in the state, while the crime rate is basically non-existent.The schools keep a high rating, and there are plenty of opportunities for teenagers and young people to have fun.


Often regarded as a suburb of Memphis, Collierville is located about 30 miles outside the downtown area. The population is around 48.000, and most of them are well-moneyed since this is one of the most prestigious places near the big city.

Families earn approximately $110.000, and when you calculate the cost of living in Collierville, it’s no wonder why many people are astonished by the fact of how affordable life in Tennessee is. On the other hand, if you are planning to move here, you should know that real estate costs are quite affordable, despite its affluent neighborhoods.