Ways to Design a Home Office That Reflects Your Brand and Professional Style

Working from home is every professional’s dream, but it also means you’ll be exposed to plenty of distractions and devoid of all the commercial office commodities. So, in order to be productive and inspired to do good work, having a well-designed home office is the key. Here’s a nice little guide to help you create a practical home office that will reflect your brand and fit your work style.

Start from your layout

Good layout will not only dictate how comfortable your office is, but it can also make the work you’re doing much quicker and easier. For instance, if your work requires a lot of flexibility and free thinking, you can opt for an open space layout characteristic of startups. On the other hand, if you’re involved in work that requires concentration and peace, try a classic library layout with sturdy furniture that will make you feel grounded and relaxed. An artist will certainly benefit from the mixture of these two layouts that will provide both interest and relaxation that makes creative juices flow.

Ensure privacy

No matter what kind of work you’re doing in your home office, you will not be able to give your best when you’re surrounded by noise, distractions and interruptions. So, when planning your office, make sure to give your space plenty of privacy. If you can’t separate your office from living quarters completely, try portable screens or divider walls. Another great thing to treat yourself with is good noise-cancelling headphones which will definitely help you ensure peace.

Think of the colour scheme

Ever heard about Psychology of Colours? Well, it states that colours that surround us can influence our mood, energy and creativity. So, being aware of the impact colours can have on the human mind is a great way to improve your office and boost your productivity. Cool colours are said to evoke peace and relaxation, while warm colours boost energy and excitement and grab attention. But, your colour choice is also the perfect opportunity for branding. And don’t worry if your logo is bold red! You don’t have to splash it all over your walls even if you’re aiming for a fun and quirky company vibe. Adding a few touches here and there to remind people of your brand is a much better solution.

Buy equipment

You want your home office to provide you with easy, efficient and fast working conditions, but be careful with equipment. You might think that a huge copier will speed up your work, but if it takes up half of your office, it will achieve a completely opposite effect. On the other hand, a wireless hub is a great investment since it allows flexibility and mobility.

Show off your brand

Displaying your brand will not only add a note of seriousness to your business but also inspire both you and your clients and customers to feel more connected to your company. So, think about introducing a few personalised products to your space like decorative pillows and candle holders with your company’s initials. Another great thing you can do to further show off your brand is grabbing a personalised phone case. This way, you’ll get to take your company out of your home office and introduce it to the world.

Give it good lighting

Another essential thing for your home office is lighting. The best thing you can do for yourself is providing your office with plenty of natural light. Sunlight is the healthiest and most balanced type of lighting, so make sure to let plenty of it inside. However, for evenings and rainy-day work, you’ll need some help from task lighting. There are great daylight-replicating light sources that can fill your office with full-spectrum illumination. But, be careful where you place your fixtures. Ensure that your light is positioned in a way that will not throw shade and glare.

Provide storage

No matter your work style, keeping your office tidy and organised is one of the first steps towards productivity. Luckily, there are so many great home office storage solutions from pencil cups to filing cabinets and shelves. There are even companies that specialise in office storage and they offer high-quality furniture. But, if your budget is limited, you can check out Ikea, Walmart or Target and try to recreate the look for less money. Just remember to keep all the things you use regularly at hand to reduce time waste.

Boost health with greenery

There are so many amazing benefits of plants in the office, so make sure to include a few pots of greenery into your home office design. Types like snake plant, spider plant and peace lily are super easy to maintain, and they help remove toxins and odours from your environment and replenish your space with fresh oxygen. Plus, the green colour is very relaxing!

No matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl, someone who prefers cleanliness or someone who thrives surrounded by creative mess, these home office design tips will fit your work style perfectly and help you brand your space in a subtle yet effective way.