What To Bring When Camping With Dogs?

Going out into camping is a chance for you to explore new things. Having your four-legged friend makes it even better. Dogs love being outside and spend time with their owners. Your pup will definitely be jumping up and down with excitement. However, before you leave home to pitch up a tent, there are things you must have to keep your furry friend comfortable.

Everyone has a list of gear they need for a successful camping trip with their dog, but there are essential things you need to make your pooch feel at home in the wilderness. read more for the ultimate list of things to bring when camping with a dog.



You need a leash for your dog even if you’ve never used it at home. Your dog can easily get spooked off in unfamiliar territory and take off. Besides, some pups are wanderers and can take off while you are busy setting up your tent or preparing a meal. Use a leash to keep your companion safe.


While bringing food for your dog is no brainer, you need to plan appropriately. Feeding away from home is different because your dog’s activities will increase. If you are camping for a week and planning to go for hikes, your pup needs energetic foods.

Carry some portable feeding and water bowls to keep it full and adequately hydrated. Spending time outdoors is more fun with a well-fed dog.

Collar IDs and a Collar


The safety of your best friend should be a priority for you. Make sure your dog has a collar and an ID tag with all the essential information in case it wanders away, especially at night. Besides, you can use a microchip for easy location if it gets lost.

A Comfy Place

Every dog owner must have a comfy place for the dog to relax. After walking for miles, your dog needs proper rest. This includes an outdoor bed or a sleeping bag for dogs.


Camping outdoors exposes your dog to a cold environment, especially at night. Have warm blankets, sleeping bags or a warm spot in your sleeping bag where it can spend the night. If it’s during winter, your dog should have a warm dog jacket to prevent shivering.

First Aid kit


You need a first aid kit that has some necessary medical supplies. Make sure you are equipped to handle things like an injury until you can get to a vet. You can never rule out the risk of an injury when camping. However, high chances are, your pup will not have any accidents, but always be prepared.

Whether you will be gone on camping for a weekend or a whole week, prepare and pack your doggy kit. Include all essentials to ensure your dog’s safety and a memorable camping experience.