5 Mistakes in Duck Hunting

Even if you are a duck hunter who prepares on time and anticipates the scenarios that might occur while hunting, there is the likelihood of making mistakes. With duck populations at a peak, you might expect to go home with a reasonable number of ducks, but here are five mistakes that might hinder you from your hunting goals.

Duck Decoy Placement

If your decoy does not create a landing space for the ducks, you might miss on the birds; landing decoy should invite the birds that are still in the air to join the birds on the ground or water. With insufficient landing ground, the birds at your disposal might be fewer, limiting you from achieving your hunting goals.

Inability to Read and React to the Ducks

As a hunter, you should read and react to the birds, and this requires a further interpretation of what the birds are telling you. You should master the art of reading and interpreting the information to avoid this mistake. Moreover, the reply you send back determines whether the ducks will fly away or stay in position. For instance, you should use the correct pitch, tempo, and volume when replying to different bird sounds.

Not Understanding the Type of Birds You Will Be Hunting

It is not only about the species of the birds you are hunting but the location of the birds. You should know if the ducks are early seasonal birds, emigrational ducks or if they are new to your hunting area. If you do not know this crucial information, then you might not catch the birds due to the wrong timing.

Too Much Movement

Even in well-camouflaged blinds movement might scare away the ducks, ducks fly above the hunters mostly. When they spot you, they might leave immediately, and an uncovered face is a dead giveaway for the ducks.

Mistiming the Shot

Study the lead bird, which is most vocal when calling for a shot; the bird will guide you on when the birds will finish, and this is crucial in the shooting. Click to read more about duck hunting tips for practical shooting next time you are in the field.


Hunting ducks require prior preparation, and even with these preparations, you are likely to miss out on the birds. Some of the mistakes in hunting result from timing, calling, and finding a landing ground for the birds.