Most Common Household Problems and How to Deal With Them

There’s probably nothing worse than when you come home from work and have a ton of household chores to do, and everything seems to be turning against you: the sink drain is blocked, the toilet is leaking, it’s freezing in the house and your temperature is close to boiling!

Most of these problems are, believe it or not, very common daily occurrences and there are easy and quick ways to fix them. Keep on reading and you’ll find out how.

Creaking doors

Creaking doors are probably one of the most annoying problems around your home as they usually wake your sleeping partner, roommate or baby at the wee hours of the night or early in the morning. The solution lies in your own kitchen cupboard. A creaky door is easily fixed by oiling the hinges with olive oil. Just put it on a piece of cloth and rub it all over the hinge. And the next time you open or close the door, there’ll be sweet silence!

Tepid radiators

It’s surely highly unpleasant during colder winter months, even in Australia, to have your radiators not hot enough when you most need it. In order to avoid issues with them, it’s very useful to turn your heating on for several minutes during summer so you can clear up the blockages.

Another trick advised by professionals is bleeding the radiators. Most radiators have a valve at the back, in the top right corner. You need to half turn it with a vent key and if any air starts coming out, keep turning it until all air has been exhausted. If water starts gushing out, just tighten the valve in the opposite direction using the same vent key. This should get your radiators back to being hot again.

Bathroom issues

At some point, in most houses, a tap in your bathroom will start dripping and a quick fix is a cheap rubber washer and 30 minutes of your time. If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s worth paying a bit more to get a new, high quality tap.

In other cases, the situation may not be that simple and easy. Blocked pipes and slow flow rate in your bathroom drains might seem a minor problem initially, but it can quickly turn into a disaster. The reasons of clogged drains can be many and it’s rarely something you can repair by yourself. Finding out the cause usually requires professional equipment and expertise, so you better leave it to the expert plumbers to fix your blocked drains in Sydney or any other part of the country. With their vast experience and knowledge, they’ll be able to tackle the problems and save you form a potential calamity.

Woman is calling a plumber to repair the leak

Damp walls

Mould that arises from damp walls can cause a range of serious health problems, from asthma, allergies and various respiratory difficulties. The moment you notice it in your home, it should be dealt with and prevented from happening in the future.

The first step is finding out what is causing it and solving that problem, before you can move on to treating the affected wall. You can opt for various solutions, such as sealers and condensation mould packs. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to call in the pros and replace the drywall.

To stay on the safe side in future, consider getting a dehumidifier and make sure you air vent your home regularly.

Fixing common household problems doesn’t always turn out to be expensive and with the tips listed here, you’ll have no problem dealing with most of them by yourself.