What Are The Crime Scene Cleanup Requirements

Crime scene cleanup jobs are not the easiest of tasks to handle, especially when cases like homicides and unattended deaths are involved. That’s why crime scene cleaners have to be emotionally strong and professionally composed throughout their career life. If you are interested in pursuing a crime scene cleanup career, here are the main requirements you have to fulfill:

1. Education


In most cases, the only academic degree you should possess is a high school diploma or GED when joining a biohazard cleanup company. You may also require certification in various subjects such as personal protective equipment training, blood-borne pathogens, and others.

2. Stamina

Tasks that are handled by crime scene cleaners are mostly physically challenging. As such, cleanup scene technicians are required to have a high level of endurance since the complexity of crime scene cases varies a lot.

3. Commitment

Crime scene cleanup services are not required during the day only. Some cases may require attention in the wee hours of the night. As such, crime scene technicians need to be dedicated to their job and have a flexible schedule to guarantee availability when needed.

4. Compassion


Some crime scene cleanup cases can be quite devastating to those who are affected, which means that they will need a lot of support. Crime scene cleaners should be in a position to provide such support and reassurance to the affected persons.

5. Integrity

In most cases, affected families trust crime scene technicians with their homes, safety, and even personal property. For this reason, integrity becomes a crucial element, which is why some companies require candidates to pass a background check and drug test.

6. Attention to detail

Crime scene cleanup tasks have to be done with a lot of precision as they can, in some cases, result in health risks. Therefore, technicians have to be attentive to every detail for the safety of others.