Where Can I Find Some Good And Free Lightroom Plugins?

Lightroom software is inclusive of management tools, editing and showcasing the images. The plugins allow the third party developer to create numerous software plugins that enable the photographer to add new features and capabilities to an already Lightroom toolset.

Plugins need to have third-party apps in the lightroom. There are some of places you can find excellent and free Lightroom plugins and this article is going to explain where it can be found.

Developer plugins.

Plugins can be obtained from developers. Developers come up with software that helps the photographer to make effects to the images that they are shooting.


This helps you to apply specific look and editing style to the image. You can have variety of looks that are created by the developer and other photographers. Lightroom presets from onone software helps you add creative effects, by more than 140 Lightroom presets that are free.


Technology has made it easy for software developers and consumers. Some of the plugins are 100% free to download and for commercial and personal use.

Although there are free lightroom plugins that are downloadable, in most cases the commercial ones come with a cost due to its sophisticated nature. But the personal ones are free of charge and only require the compatibility of your gadget.

Website galleries.

Numerous templates and styles are available in the website galleries. There are available as plugins that increase the number of HTML and flash player compatibility, that the photographer can create the lightroom modules.


For example. LRB Exhibition is a website plugin that gives up to seven slides, customized pages, contact pages, and the maximum images can be up to 1200px and above.

Workflow plugins.

This plugin is designed for specialized jobs and particular steps in the workflow. They make it easier for your photography task done within few seconds. Geoencoding plugin let your tagged images that are within your lightroom library and location information, through the support of some methods of adding geoencoding data to your images, through the use of GPS tracking, yahoo and google map URL, and latitude and longitude.

External editing plugins.

These plugins are available from other sources such as sharing with friends. When one photographer has such plugins, the can share them with rest of photographer. These plugins help the user to add and have access to tools and techniques that perform highly specialized editing jobs. An example of this is Topaz lab software that takes creative care over the digital images to create stunning memories.

This software has easy to use tools for colour and exposure, adjustment det6ails, effects on HDR, reducing noise, digital art, extraction and masking, texture control, sharpening and smoothing.

Take away.

There are various lightroom plugins that are good and available for free. These plugins depend on the compatibility of your machine since not all software that is compatible with any device. However, these plugins are the best when it comes to making your images look beautiful and admirable, and those who uses this lightroom plugins never get disappointed. Just make a trial.