6 Changes you should make to live in a more secured home

After landing the home of your dreams and finishing improving and decorating it to perfection, it’s time to focus on its protection. There are many ways you can protect your family and safeguard your possessions, but the key is finding the best solution that meets the unique demands of your family.

Hopefully, the following tips will help you find the ideal safety option.

Install an alarm system

The first step in securing your home is installing a state of the art alarm system that covers your entire property. It’s also recommendable you get the one with cameras as they are an excellent burglar deterrent. Another practical thing is getting the system with a mobile app as it allows you to see the footage in real time, in case you ever need proof for the authorities.

Other features such as weatherproof casing, Wi-Fi connectivity, night vision and motion detector are also available and will cost you a bit more, but it will also let you sleep better at night knowing you have all security issues covered.

Get the right insurance policies

In addition to securing your property, another essential step is getting it insured so you can be covered in case of unwanted circumstances. There are various types of insurance policies that insure your home against burglary, theft, flood or fire, but most of them do not include your garage and your car. Since your car is quite a valuable asset and you probably store other prized possessions in your garage, consider applying for a new home insurance policy that includes your garage as well and request a car insurance in addition. In this way, you’ll be compensated in case you need to rebuild your property and inventory.

Put up a fence

After you have taken care of the technical aspect of protection and all the paperwork that goes with insurance, it’s time you go back to basics. Building a fence is probably the simplest way to protect your property from all sides and create a physical barrier to protect what’s inside. You can choose between low and high types, and you can plant trees or tall bushes along the fence so it looks more natural and hides your home additionally. It will definitely provide more privacy and if you want a higher level of security, install motion detectors into the fence to record any undesired movement.

Do some smart landscaping

Burglars who target your home will use anything they can to get inside, including shrubs and trees surrounding your house. They’ll use it as shelter or a ladder to climb up to your balcony or an open window upstairs. Be smarter than them and make that impossible. Trim the larger plants close to your home and minimize the amount of cover they can provide to burglars.

You might feel this would ruin your home curb appeal, but you can opt for smaller bushes and flowers. Also, make sure you always clear out your backyard and keep it tidy. Put away any ladders, stools and anything that might aid thieves in their criminal attempt.

Install outdoor lighting

Another great ally to thieves and burglars is darkness, so make sure your house doesn’t provide them with that convenience. Install high quality outdoor lighting that is motion activated and it will be a strong deterrent to anyone attempting to break in. These lights are fairly cheap and easy to install, and they have a double function: they put thieves in the spotlight but also help you in the evening by illuminating your path.

Keep your doors and windows locked

This piece of advice may seem too obvious, but a lot of people tend to forget to lock their doors and windows, especially when the weather is nice and you want to let fresh air in. It happens often that you forget to lock up when you run an errand. This is all an open invitation for burglars. Also, if you leave your valuables in plain sight, like expensive tools in the backyard, or your purse, smartphone and laptop in plain view through the window, you’re offering burglars a tempting catch. It may take just a few minutes and you can lose it all. Therefore, make sure you keep everything locked and out of sight, especially when you’re not at home.

If you cover all the steps listed here, you’ll a have a fully secured home, so you and your family will be able to enjoy life and stop worrying about safety.