6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving House

A common misconception of relocating is that it’s a straightforward and smooth process of packing your stuff in boxes, loading them into a removalists’ truck and getting to your new property. In reality, there are many aspects to consider during the moving process and if the smallest detail goes wrong, you’ll experience extreme stress.

This is why it’s very important to get organised in time and address all of the following essential steps necessary for a smooth moving.

Miscalculating the time you have

A hassle-free moving is all about timing the move and organising everything in time to avoid the last-minute havoc. The best way to go is backwards – set the moving date and count back to at least 8 weeks or even ten. Having a bit of extra time will let you more wiggle room to find the best removal crew you can, pack your belongings and consolidate your budget.

Not doing a thorough background check of the removal company

Make sure you do a thorough background check of all removal companies to avoid any regrets later. Ask your family and friends for a recommendation, go through references and search for relevant accreditations as proof of the company’s expertise and credibility.

Moving home is always tricky and accidents do happen but with a good background check, you can at least minimize the risks.

Not communicating with your removal company

Good and open communication with your removalists is essential to get the job done properly. The last thing you want is to have everything packed and ready to go only to discover that the vehicle is too small! Arrange for a visit from your removalists to make an estimate of your property so they know in advance what they’re dealing with. Waiting for the last few days to contact your removal company will only cause more stress if it turns out they’re fully booked already with no available vehicles. By contacting them well in advance, you can also hire shipping container transport to make sure your belongings are transported promptly and efficiently to any part of the country without any damage.

Packing at the last minute

Leaving the packing for the last minute is not advisable. To get everything packed properly and not forgetting important stuff takes time so allocate at least a month ahead to prepare for your moving date. You may have a just a few final boxes left on the moving day, but make sure everything else is already sealed in labelled boxes and containers when removalists arrive.

Not sorting out the things you pack

If you don’t sort through the things you pack, you’ll probably end up wasting precious time packing extra stuff and it’ll happen again when you need to unpack. It might happen you pack things you don’t need that will, once again, collect dust in your new garage once you move. So, take time to go through all of your things, donate the things you don’t use anymore and get rid of things you don’t really need. In the end, it’ll save you both time and money.

Forgetting the important details

Relocating is a complex business so it can easily happen that some things simply fall through the cracks and they often prove to be important details. For instance, arrange an accurate quote before moving so you can be sure what the job entails and what the overall costs will amount to. Unfortunately, damage and breakage happen during relocation, especially if you’re packing fragile items so getting the proper insurance is a must. Also, don’t forget to measure your new place and your furniture to be sure everything will fit and that you’re not moving stuff in vain.

Pay all your utility bills, let the relevant companies know your new address and cancel or transfer your subscriptions. Finally, pack a survival kit so you can be well equipped during the chaos of moving if you need your medicine or anything else. The key to a successful, stress-free relocation to a new home is good preparation and organisation. Follow the steps listed here and your moving day will be a walk in the park!