Is Jogging Bad For Your Knees? How To Avoid Injuries?

Whether you’re jogging to get in shape or to prepare for a competition, you’ve probably heard that running is not good for your knees. Statistics say that knee ailment patellofemoral pain syndrome is common in runners.

Not long ago, doctors advised people with arthritis not to run, because they feared that increased stress on the muscles would ruin their joints. But as it turns out, regular jogging with a few caveats is excellent for knee cartilage.

Running is a high impact exercise which puts lots of stress on the joints. For this reason, it can be considered dangerous. However, jogging itself is not bad. But doing it incorrectly can hurt your knees.


A survey done in July 2013, where more than 70000 runners were put to test, found out that running, contrary to what most people believe, doesn’t put individuals at risk of developing osteoarthritis. Instead, it reduces these risks.

But why then do many runners have knee problems? That’s because of the many injuries that are caused by poor running.

A lot of people don’t take the necessary precautions when jogging. And most lack simple but essential running equipment such as compression stockings.

Well, jogging isn’t bad for your knee cartilage or joints. But, you should know if you have the correct loading on your knee joint first. New or runners experiencing any injuries should visit a medical professional to conduct a biochemical evaluation.


This test will determine what their condition is (if any), the type of shoe that is right for them as well as the strength and weakness of their muscles. If after this evaluation any issues are found, they should be treated before further damage is done.

Again all runners should invest in the right running equipment. Buy good shoes, running garments as well as compression sleeves as they’ll protect your muscles from damages.

Also, don’t forget to buy blister socks on amazon for protection from injuries.

Lastly, you should have a suitable jogging program that reduces injuries. Then your routine workout should also include periods of rest. It’s also wise that one runs on proper grounds as rough ones can cause incorrect knee joint loading.