6 Easy Ways to Make Your Interior a Minimalist Oasis

While science says that messy people are smarter and more creative, it also says that people who live surrounded with clutter are more likely to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression. Does that ring any bells for you? If you lead a hectic life, keeping your home tidy and clean might require too much work, but there’s a catch: Minimalism! Here’s how to create a space that’s stylish and comfy yet clean, tidy and relaxing for all the senses. 

Dump the trash

It’s best to start with a clean slate when redecorating, especially when minimalism is in question. No matter how much you like your possessions, there are items that have no purpose but to take up space. That sweater that shrunk, that old magazine pile and that empty box from your last Amazon order all need to go. These items just waste space and minimalism is here to fix it. Minimalism is all about maximizing your home so that you have more space to relax and enjoy your comforts. 

Pick a neutral color palette

When you put too many colors into one space, it will look quite cluttered even if the room is tidy and clean. However, don’t think that white is your only option if you want to become a minimalist. Shades like muted grey, light cappuccino, biscuit and greige are all clean-looking, fresh and inspire a sense of calm. If your neutral color palette seems a little too cold, you can add warmth with a few bold-colored accent pieces and let plenty of natural light inside. This will give your space a clean and simple yet interesting look. 


Choose timeless pieces

The best design decision you can make in minimalism is to choose timeless things, especially when it comes to furniture. Pieces with very clean lines and simple design will always be stylish and relaxing. When choosing your living room lounges, make sure to aim for something that will provide you with head-to-toe comfort yet won’t clutter your home. Geometric sofas covered with natural fabrics will serve as a no-fuss focal point in every space. Combine your lounger with a timeless glass or light wood coffee table and you’ll create a perfect minimalist setup. 

Boost texture

If your minimalist space feels a little too neutral and bland, try this trick: boost texture for a touch of interest and warmth. Think chunky knitted throws, velvet throw pillows and sheepskin rugs for some added comfort. While minimalism encourages restraint, you can go crazy with these textures as long as they match your tonal family. 


Invest in storage

When you clear the clutter, there will always be a few things you just can’t ditch and that’s totally okay. Instead of throwing everything away, you can invest in stylish storage. Beautiful storage will give you a chance to hold on to your collector past without ruining your minimalist aesthetics. Let the chaos live inside your storage and let it appear elegant and chic on the outside. This is perfect for all people who are just trying this minimalist thing and are still not sure whether that lifestyle is right for them. 

Live by a simple philosophy 

It’s truly amazing how many things a person can accumulate in just a few years. All those empty drawers, neat bedroom closets and spacious bathroom cupboards are probably overflowing with unused products and clothes that just collect dust. Even if you can’t see the clutter, it will take up your precious space and cloud your head. While cleaning clutter is great, prevention is even better. If you want to keep your minimalist home clean and tidy, try living by this simple philosophy: One in and one out. Every time you buy something, one old thing needs to leave your home—it’s the best way to maintain order. 

When you’re designing your minimalist home, take baby steps. Try different setups and you’ll find something that matches your lifestyle and aesthetics. And once you do, just sit back, relax and enjoy your gorgeous and calming home!