How to Use Books as Decor Pieces

One fun way to use books is as decor, other than the ultimate pleasure of reading them.  Yes, folks, there’s nothing quite like the feel of a book on a shelf. For some reason, we just get so fascinated by them that we want to display them where we can see them every day. Maybe it’s because they’re so beautiful. Maybe it’s because we have memories burned into them.

In any case, it’s the feel-good factor that gets us to choose books as decor. It seems to be something that lends a personal flair to our homes when we choose them wisely and we choose books with good book styling. One such book styling choice that’s worth mentioning is coffee table decor.

Aside from the way they look on your bookshelf, there are other practical benefits that you can get out of using this decorative piece. When you have a few books on your bookshelf, it will be easier for you to find something to read when you need to. You also won’t have to flip through the pages of your bookshelves so often just to find what you’re looking for. You can also keep your place clean since you won’t have to open several books to find one.

books used as decor

There are a lot of books that can serve as decorating pieces. In fact, there are books that can actually be used as the centerpiece of your living room or dining room. If you have a fireplace or hearth, you can use the covers of these books to serve as the focal point of your decorating area. Likewise, you can use books as part of a decorating theme for your bedroom. If you have a kid’s bedroom, you can use bookshelves with pictures of his favorite cartoons and characters to create a fun and interesting space for him to play in.

Aside from their functional use, books can also look great when they’re placed on a bookshelf. If you have a bookshelf that has legs, you can use those legs to stand books up on. You can also stack them up high if you have a small bookshelf. This way, you can save space for other decorating elements in your home.

As coffee table decor

Coffee tables are usually selected because they have extra space for a few photos or books. With regard to choosing books as decor, some people choose to use beautiful children’s books as centerpieces. You can also use them as bookends on your coffee table. One thing you should keep in mind though is that you shouldn’t display any children’s books with too much violent content. For instance, if you have a lot of teen reading material, you may want to avoid displaying a teen’s book with a couple of magazines on it.

Adding color

In regard to using books as decor, you should also be sure to select colors that go well with your home interior. If you have light-colored walls and furniture, bookshelves that are mostly in dark colors, like black or navy blue would be a good match. You can always use accent pillows and chair covers in those same shades. However, if you like a more mature look, go for bookshelves that are covered in rich burgundy velvet.


Aside from using a bookshelf to display your books, you can also use it as an extra working desk for you or your kids. When you have several books open at once, you can do simple calculations or work. Your kids can also look at their pictures while they finish reading one page of a book. A bookshelf can serve as both a decorative element and a working station, making it a great addition to any home.