Best Family-Friendly Backyard Ideas

If you’ve got a little space to work with, there are loads of backyard ideas that can help make your little haven into a family-friendly oasis. There’s no rule saying that you have to set aside a big piece of real estate for play space. Backyard spaces can be so much more than simple play areas. Creative designers have found that outdoor living can enrich the lives of children. Whether it’s the smells of flowers or the sights of waves crashing by, a backyard can be a refuge where children can come together and enjoy each other’s company. From simple play areas that feature swings to full-fledged water parks, from tree houses to above-ground swimming pools, from wooden sheds to fully-stocked picnic tables, you’ll find lots of great outdoor play space ideas to create fun and educational places for your kids to enjoy themselves!

Wooden swing sets

At Adventure World, craft a high-quality line of wooden swing sets and other inflatable play sets that are the heart of many super fun backyard areas all over the nation! Because we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to bring families closer, we’re highlighting some of our best family-friendly backyard ideas for young kids on our website. Kids love to explore and they love to have something bigger and more active than the traditional plastic or metal swing set. And the best thing about a wooden swing set is that it’s built to last.

Of course, having a good-looking backyard isn’t the only reason to create a family-friendly landscape. So what other kinds of family-friendly backyard ideas might interest you? Well, kids love to take baths, so why not make your own! You could use bathtub pumpkins as small sinks or you could use natural materials like stone and rocks as natural stepping stones.


Or maybe your children are into growing garden plants or trees. In that case, why not create family-friendly backyard ideas that include building a treehouse? Adventure World carries a wide selection of treehouse designs, and they come in a variety of sizes. Some are small, portable, and easy for younger children to use; others are built sturdy and can be enjoyed by older children and grandchildren. Some treehouse designs even have slides, ladders, and benches to provide additional challenges. And you’ll love the variety of colors and designs available in Adventure World playsets, including redwood, cedar, cypress, pine, elm, and evergreen trees.

family in backyard

Log cabin or a gazebo

If your kids are more into the time outdoors, consider building their log cabin or even a gazebo. With a little planning, your entire family can spend some quality time outdoors, enjoying the summer weather together. And Adventure World carries a wide variety of log cabin kits, complete with all the supplies you need to build your dream cabin. Whether you’re looking for a cozy rustic feel or a modern design, you’re sure to find a log cabin or gazebo kit perfect for your family’s outdoor lifestyle.

Backyard water play

Backyard water play is a great way to get kids and family members interacting in an outdoorsy environment, as well as learning some aquatic skills. You might want to incorporate some backyard water play ideas with outdoor adventure park rides. Your kids can take a boat ride on the Intracoastal Waterway, or let them play a kayak next to a model river ship.

The best family-friendly backyard ideas are ones that encourage wholesome outdoor experiences. If your family loves to cook, start designing your backyard with a fire pit. Whether you’re incorporating a real fire or just making an outdoor fire with some marshmallows, it will bring back memories of childhood camping or barbeque parties.

Parting words

Backyard play is about more than just creating some fun activities for the kids to do, however. It helps families connect and it helps children nurture their budding social skills. The best backyard ideas are ones that inspire children to feel like they’re part of a larger family and to value and nurture the people in their lives. By introducing some family-friendly backyard ideas, you can get your kids outside, enjoying the great outdoors, while also instilling values such as taking care of the planet, prioritizing family and community, and learning about themselves and their world.